Sunday, 18 July 2021

Day 487

Day 487...

Wow we have had another very hot day again today...not that I am complaining, well not too much! The sunshine and warmth not only makes you feel brighter but is good for your health too.

With a steady start to the day I embarked upon the online grocery shop while Simon fitted our new doorbell which had arrive first thing. Going for a Disney Tower of Terror vibe.... door number should arrive later in the week to compliment.

We then took a drive into Nottingham to have one of our urban walks. As Simon pointed out by walking around the city it keeps his hayfever at bay. All too often walking across the fields where we live results in sore eyes and itchy skin for Simon which obviously doesn't make for a very pleasant experience.

So we wandered the streets and grabbed a coffee before stopping outside Nottingham Castle. 

Our view while we sat

Statue of Robin Hood outside the walls of Nottingham Castle

Chill out time...although rather hot and sticky!
We found a spot in the shade to sit, drink coffee, watch the world go by and for Simon the chance to do a little drawing. For a change to late he went for the old fashioned pencil and paper approach rather then the digital drawing tablet he ordinarily uses.
Simon exercising his manual drawing skills
By the time we got back to the car we'd spent almost three hours in the city and managed to walk around 3.5 miles. Thankfully we'd parked the car in a car park building which meant it was nice and cool for the drive home...and with air conditioning I think the car has been the coolest place today.

We arrived home to a freshly brewed pot of coffee (thanks Ethan) and settled down ready for a Sunday evening Disney Dream Girls podcast Disney quiz. This was the first time in a few weeks that we'd been able to get together and although there was only four of us it was nice to chat with some now very familiar faces.

And to escape the heat indoors I am finishing today's blog post sat outside in the garden in an attempt to cool down. Although high temperatures and experiencing menopause are not a good combination!!

Stay cool and I'll see you tomorrow.

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