Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Day 496

Day 496...

And we have a Tuesday and the first Tuesday of my summer break. Simon is still working but as he works from home we do get to spend some of the day together.

First jobs of the day were to setup an online grocery order for a couple of weeks time as I like to have at least two dates booked in. Then it was time to place a butchers order for delivery in a couple of days time.

I had a phone call from the company who'd installed our windows thanking me for paying for the windows but asking if I could also pay for the front door. To which I said I would love to once the door has been completed as we are waiting for the correct panel to be fitted. Very evident that the person I was speaking to hadn't seem the email I'd sent last week and so promised me they would 'get on it' and I now await their phone call.

Next job of the day was to take my dad to the bank. He is hopefully getting his car back this week but until then I am continuing to help him get to where he needs to be. Although the bank weren't particularly helpful as he had gone in to change his account over as per the letter he'd received only to be told the branch couldn't do what the letter had said they could and that he'd have to phone instead!!

I arrived home just after the refuse collection and so did my good deed for the day by bringing in all my neighbours bins and returning them to their rightful places. And with perfect timing Simon was just finishing for lunch so we headed out for a short walk. All through the initial lockdown we had managed a walk most days but as things have started to get a little more normal we have not been able to get out and about as regular as we would like so we have vowed to use my time at home to get a few more miles under our belts. So today we managed 2.4 miles in 46 minutes.

After a spot of lunch I decided to finish my coffee sat outside on the patio...well a few minutes later I was back inside as it decided to rain. It was at that point that Molly asked when it would be a good time to go out for a drive; so we decided there was no time like the present and headed off out. Molly did great as always and hopefully each time we can get her out and about will give her that bit more confidence.

Back home I had the job that had been looming and could no longer be ignored...two basket fulls of ironing! An hour and a half later and everything was done and I was very hot and sweaty!

While Simon and Molly headed down the 'gym' I had some preschool work to complete. It had dawned on me while I was ironing that today was payday and that I needed to email the team their payslips. So instead of a workout I updated all the relevant files and issued emails.

And that has been today...a productive day I think!

See you tomorrow.

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