Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Work and Fundraising

Day 196...

Another work day today, ordinarily I wouldn't work a Wednesday but I was covering for another member of staff and so I will be off tomorrow instead.

A pretty standard sort of day, numerous bits of admin, emails, banking and getting a few things in order for our first fundraiser of this academic year which will be a Halloween Fun Week in a few weeks time.

I then had a quick turnaround as it was home to get changed and then back out the door to go to my local ASDA to collect a special trolley of goodies for my pre-school. We have a brilliant relationship with Jon their Community Champion and pre-covid Jon would visit the pre-school and run special activities with the children. We have had food tastings, seed planting, recycling games and much more and the children absolutely loved his visits. Jon would also help out with our fundraisers by supplying prizes or anything else we might need.

But with the onset of covid all this came to an end; we couldn't hold our usual fundraisers and Jon has not been allowed to visit good causes out in the community. But he has still been able to continue his community work and has been able to help out lots of local community groups throughout the pandemic with organising donations of food and other staple supplies. 

So as we are now back and open as normal as we can be our thoughts turned to our much needed fundraising and what we could do in the face of all the current restrictions. We have decided to hold a Halloween Fun Week and we will be asking parents to make donations and in return we are having games, face painting, foodie treats, spooky crafts and everyone is invited to come to pre-school in fancy dress. We are selling special 'treat bags' and we needed the 'treats' to go in the bags and we are also having a creative competition and needed prizes so Jon has stepped in and supplied us with a bumper loads of goodies!

Trolley full of goodies for pre-school
This trolley turned out to be the gift that kept on giving as underneath what can be seen in the photo was so much more. I was absolutely blown away by the generosity we as a pre-school have been shown by Jon and ASDA and cannot thank them enough for their continued support.

Once home I had some of my own online shopping to do as I have a small order to collect tomorrow morning and had a few final bits to add to it. Now this order is all to do with the fact that this weekend is Molly's boyfriends birthday weekend and we are hoping to have a special meal with him. 

Yesterday after his car had failed its MOT (big time) it was looking like they would not be able to see each other as planned but today things are looking a little more hopeful as he may be able to sort a replacement car in the next day or so. So we are all keeping our fingers crossed that that is the case and we can go ahead with our 'celebrations' as planned.

The rest of the evening has been spent answering a few emails, dealing with some Ebay questions and playing taxi for Molly to and from her karate lesson. Now it's blog writing time and a glass of wine!

Take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask

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