Saturday, 19 September 2020

Guitar, Hair & Folding

Day 185...

Well the day started off with a little more cleaning around our 'new bedroom', which translates as Simon reaching all the places up high that I couldn't get to yesterday.

Then we took Molly to her Saturday morning guitar lesson and while she strummed away we had a quick walk around a DIY store looking at storage boxes as we think we may need some to go inside drawers or on shelves. The fallout of having watched Marie Kondo and reading her book is we have a complete new way of looking at storage! We then treated ourselves to a drive thru' coffee and panettone.

Once home Simon had a little work to do on his R2D2 and mouse droid builds. He is currently 3D printing some rubber tyres for the mouse droid using flexible filament and so he needs to make sure that the hubs the tyres go onto are all prepped. This meant painting everything with epoxy resin to ensure a smooth finish on all the 3D parts.

While Simon was doing that I dropped Molly off at the hairdressers; her first time since lockdown and actually her first time since October/November of last year! She has very long hair and doesn't tend to go to the hairdressers that often, she was about to book herself an appointment when lockdown began and so it has been a bit longer between appointments than normal!

Before and after!!
In between taking and then fetching Molly from the hairdressers we had to sort out all the rubbish leftover from the wardrobe build. This did mean that we were able to 'rescue' some decent pieces of wood and a few electrical bits that will definitely come in useful either as spares or for Simon's prop building! Although it also means that another trip to our local recycling centre is on the cards.

But then it was onto the fun stuff of getting our bedroom back to 'normal' and figuring out where all our clothes and stuff will now live. We have more hanging space than before, along with special storage for shoes and lots of shelves and drawers and all in wardrobes with their own lighting; it's all very grown-up!!

So our afternoon was spent folding everything the Marie Kondo way into small rectangles and researching various storage options for inserts into drawers and boxes to live on shelves and much more. We would also like to get a piece of bespoke furniture to provide a little more storage that reflects some of other furniture throughout the house; more of a decorative piece. We also need to get some new curtains and also decide on some new flooring as we would like to replace the carpet with a wood floor.

So all in all a very productive Saturday.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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