Saturday, 26 September 2020

Podcast & Shoes

Day 192...

We have reached the weekend and last night the cold that I've been holding at bay decided to kick in big time...don't panic I don't have any covid symptoms it is just a snotty cold. After all we have to remember that other illnesses are still in existence although I could still do without it.

After breakfast I jumped online to hook up with fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle to record this weeks podcast show. We chatted about whether we would visit the parks at the moment as well as help a listener with ideas for proposing at Disneyland.

Then we managed to sell a couple more pieces of furniture before heading out to take Molly to her guitar lesson. And while she strummed away we grabbed a drive thru' coffee and listened to a podcast all about Sweden's reaction to Coronavirus; interesting stuff and while their approach has been similar in some things they never went into a full lockdown like us and their death rate is actually very similar to ours. 

I think, as I have said before, that only time will tell with how well this virus has been handled here, and around the world; whose approach was the best and whether different countries and societies need different approaches. Is there a one-size fits all approach or do we have to accommodate each country and their social norms and needs differently.

I think it is also highlighting where systems are not working as well as they could even if we previously thought those systems were the 'best'. Simple things like ensuring people get paid if they can't work because of either illness or from having to self isolate. Knowing you would still get your normal pay could make a big difference to those told to self isolate; the thought of no money, or a significantly lower amount, coming in for 14 days, could affect someone's decision to do the right thing or perhaps not.

It is obviously a very nasty virus for some people and there is concern about the long term effects for some as well but we still won't know the full affect of what we are going through for a fair while yet. I guess we are going to have to learn to live with it and hope those in power have a handle on what they are doing...and I think there in lies part of the problem. The messaging is ever changing and this therefore becomes more difficult for people to follow or understand. Differing opinions cause confusion so that the average person doesn't know which way to turn; do you follow the advice you like the most or do you follow the cautious path...everyone will have a different take on this and that divergence of opinion will not help with a unified approach. And if the scientific community can't agree what hope do the rest of us have?

A big chunk of my afternoon was taken up with sorting the shoe storage situation. After last weekend's success at storing most of mine and Simon's footwear in our new bedroom storage system there was still everyone else's shoes to sort plus a few of ours that simply wouldn't fit. So it was a case of clear everything out, have a good clean around and then re-organise what was left along with throwing out a few more pairs that had seen way better days. Result is a much neater and better organised set of shoe shelves. Really enjoying the whole process of picking an area and going through and sorting for the better...Marie Kondo has a lot to answer for!

So that was my Saturday...slightly full of snot, a little Disney chat and sorting shoes! Simon on the other hand has decided to line some of our Sheesham wood boxes and a larger trunk. We have acquired numerous pieces over the years but had always commented that using them for storage meant risking scratching or catching things on wood that was not always the smoothest so armed with some EVA foam and some fake leather Simon has created linings for all our various size boxes so that we can now use them confident that the contents will be protected. This is another example of the skills Simon has acquired making props coming into very good use for more practical things!

Stay safe out there...keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask and look after yourselves.

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