Thursday, 1 October 2020

Rollercoaster of a Day

Day 197...

Today was my mid-week day off work and my first job of the day was to collect a grocery shop that I had set-up especially for the coming weekend and the celebrating of Molly's boyfriends birthday.

Once home and everything unpacked and put away Molly set about making a birthday cake while I sorted the packing of a few more Ebay sales. I also had someone collect some furniture that we had managed to sell as well.

But during that I also had a little work infiltrate the day as I had a zoom meeting sprung on me for later this afternoon. I had forgot all about the meeting because the person requesting the meeting 2 weeks ago had never confirmed the meeting by email (as promised). Turns out they had forgot to include me when contacting all the other participants, and then the irony was that despite being sent all the links when I tried to join the meeting later this afternoon nothing happened and the link just wouldn't work!

I then had another work query that had to be dealt with which involved me having to create a datasheet to import into another system so that their system could update our information correctly...mmm....perhaps if their system worked properly in the first place I wouldn't have had extra work to do!

Simon and I managed a short walk out at lunchtime which was the first time out since the 9th September! It was lovely to take the time and walk one of our usual routes, and despite some grey clouds and the weather getting a little chillier we still enjoyed it.

Amazing views right on our doorstep
The afternoon saw me take a quick trip to the local post office to send aforementioned Ebay parcels on their way and then home to take more photos of items for sale to then post on various selling platforms.

But the major developments of today have centered around Molly and her boyfriend and whether or not he is able to visit us this weekend. To say it has been a rollercoaster of a day and emotions would be an understatement. We started the day all full of hope that he had secured a new car and all would be well.

First phone call of the day late this morning indicated there may be a delay in proceedings but it shouldn't affect the weekend too much. But then we had the big crash of the day when we found out that the car he is buying needs a replacement part but the part can't be delivered until after the weekend. All plans yet again thrown into turmoil and one very upset young lady. The offer of a loan of a car from yesterday couldn't now happen either but then another family member stepped into the breach to offer the loan of their car, but only for a couple of days.

This then meant lots of frantic researching into whether hiring a car would be a better option as opposed to borrowing this other car but then there was also the small matter of sorting out the right insurance for that to happen. It was then I discovered that you can get temporary insurance for just these types of circumstances which involved lots of facetime calls, discussions and online searching between me, Molly and her fella.

The pair of them they are so desperate to see each other and me, as mum, just wants to help them in any way I can and make everything 'alright' for them. But fingers (and toes) crossed it looks like their weekend will happen and their plans may not be too scuppered after all.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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