Thursday, 24 September 2020

Work and Selling

Day 190...

So today was a full day in work with nothing overtly remarkable to report, just the usual admin type stuff. Almost all of our new children have started with us now and so we are getting to grips with the dynamics that inevitably appear at this time of year.

Once home, and changed, I settled myself into podcast recording mode. Normally I record the podcast from my bedroom as it is the quietest place in the house and produces the best audio but I used to have to sit on the floor with my laptop perched on a bedside cabinet. But now I have the space on my dressing table to be able to set-up my laptop properly and sit on a proper chair...such luxury!

I was already to go when I got a message from my partner in crime, Michelle, to say that she was currently in the middle of a thunder storm with horrendous hail and her power kept going off; non of which was very conducive to recording a podcast. We have therefore deferred our recording session to Saturday morning instead.

But as I was all set up and quite cosy in my new recording position I decided to stay where I was and start my next batch of online sales. This time I am trying to sell some of our old bedroom furniture which although shows signs of use is all in pretty solid condition and I am sure that someone, somewhere could make very good use of them. Within minutes of listing them via Facebook I was getting pinged with messages!

Next job after that was to get on with packaging up some more Ebay sales, so while Simon and Molly went 'down the gym' I got the parcel tape out. A quick break for a dinner of steak and burgers and then more packaging and more pinging of Facebook messages! It's hard work this selling stuff malarkey.

Right best get back to my roll of parcel tape - just take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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