Friday, 11 September 2020

Last Day of the Working Week

Day 177...

And the end of my working week. And a steady day at work to round out the week.

Most of my focus today was doing all the prep work for three new starters that we have over the coming weeks that are additional to those already booked in to start.  

Once home it was get changed, grab a coffee and take a seat outside and enjoy a little sunshine that was late arriving today. I have started reading Dr Aseem Malhotra's book 'The 21 Day Immunity Plan' and so far it not only confirms what I have learned over the last few years but does so in a very simple and easy to understand manner. To read about his own mother's failing health and her untimely death only made me connect even more as my own mum was, in my opinion, taken too early and better advise and knowledge may have given her a better chance at living longer.

Too much sugar, too many carbohydrates, too many highly, ultra processed foods are all doing horrible damage to our health. If we want to be the best that we can be and be in the best possible health to fight off whatever infections or virus's may come our way then we need to take a good long look at how we look after our bodies. What we put into them and how we treat ourselves.

We need to put the right fuel inside; proteins and fats and forget the sugars and carbs. We need to appreciate the unnecessary stresses that we put ourselves through and recognise that taking the time to stop and evaluate can be so therapeutic. We need to put ourselves first, make sure that we are looking after ourselves as only then can we begin to look after others.

Then this evening saw the return of Molly from her time away at her the house has suddenly got busy again after two weeks of relative quiet. And we now have a busy weekend ahead of us as we try to get the house ready for the installation of our new bedroom next week.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask

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