Wednesday, 9 September 2020

No Work & A Field of Cows

Day 175...

So this is my first full week back at work in this new school year and the first week working my new hours which means that I don't work Mondays and Wednesdays anymore...and this was my first Wednesday 'off'.

So what was the first thing I did this morning? inputting for the funding claim for pre-school - doh! To be fair we have a deadline of tomorrow for inputting this data and we haven't been given that long to get it all input so I wanted to make sure it was all done ahead of time so that I wasn't rushing tomorrow. So a short amount of time this morning will save me stress tomorrow.

It was then onto the mundane tasks of life; ironing - whoop! Not my favourite job but better that I get it done and out the way today rather than having to do it at the weekend when Simon and I could be busy doing other stuff! Okay so at the moment 'doing other stuff' isn't really a big deal because life seems to have taken a bit of a knock with all this Coronavirus malarkey. I think we are just resigned to getting jobs around the house completed and perhaps an odd coffee out from the local drive thru'!

As lunchtime came around it was lovely to be able to get out for a walk with Simon as our usual lunchtime walks seem to have taken a back seat of late; wet weather, being back at work, sorting out our 'other house' and getting our own house ready for our new bedroom have all encroached into our 'walking time'. But today was beautiful so it was a pleasure to go out walking, even if we did have to contend with cows in one of the fields that we regularly walk through, that doesn't normally have cows in and I'm not the biggest fan of them when there's nothing between me and them!

They moved towards us when we walked past...why?!!!

Blessed to have stunning views so close to home
This afternoon I decided to have a look at a few more bits that could be placed on Ebay for sale and after taking photographs I decided to find out some more information about them. One is an oil painting on canvas that is signed so I thought I would use the old 'google' machine to try and find out who the artist was...only problem being I can't read the signature! I tried all sorts of searches and although I found another picture very similar in style (I'm no artist but it sure looked like the same artist) it had no information about the artist.
This is what I'm trying to decipher!
After almost an hour of looking online I gave up and decided that coffee, chocolate and sunshine were needed. So I took half an hour in the sunshine and chatted with Molly via WhatsApp while I soaked up some sunshine.
Topping up my vitamin D
Blue skies and sunshine
But I decided I really ought to be doing something so I headed inside for yet more excitement...hoovering! Before ending the day with a little home workout down 'our gym'.

So today we have new restrictions all set out ready to come into effect from Monday...I think these new restrictions are supposed to be simpler and will be enforceable by law but every time I read something about them the press seem to want to quote what it is now and what it is changing to which I think just makes it all the more confusing. Don't tell us what it has been just tell us what to do and when!

Whether this will make any difference goodness knows, everyone is by this point so confused as to what we should be doing and with whom and where and when. Some reports compare the figures we are seeing now back to March and April when we weren't testing and comment that back then the true figure of positive cases was probably much, much higher than we ever knew and therefore comparing now to then is like comparing apples and oranges. Some reports point to Sweden and their approach which is now yielding very low numbers of cases to the point where they are saying it is controlled.

And in all of this regular folk like you and me are left asking who is right? Are we taking the right approach? Should we be doing more? Should we be doing less? What should we be doing and who should we be trusting to do the right thing for us? It can be all very overwhelming and at times very disheartening.

So I guess all we can do is take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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