Monday, 21 September 2020

More Organising

Day 187...

So here we are at the beginning of a week where who knows where we will be tomorrow or by the end of the week... is another lockdown looming or a mini lockdown or whatever it may be?

But my week started as normal with collecting my weekly grocery shop. On the way home I had to fill up with petrol and although we have filled the car up a few times during lockdown this was the first time I had done it since the beginning of March. I will admit to looking at the petrol pump and thinking 'what do I do' quickly followed by 'what's my PIN'; thankfully my brain kicked in and I could remember both!

Once home, and after all the shopping had been put away, our focus turned towards the furniture that we had taken out of our bedroom and put into the garage. We took photos of them all so that we can attempt to sell them and then rearranged the garage so that we can still get in and use the garage while we store the furniture.

While today was a non-work day for me I actually had some work to do this afternoon as I had a virtual 'Leaders & Managers Meeting' to attend. This is an event run by my local council's early years department to bring all us pre-school and nursery managers up to speed on what's happening within the field of early years. I actually prefer the meeting this way as I can sit in the comfort of my own home, not have to travel and hope I can get a car parking space plus I've got way better coffee!

The meeting was only an hour and a half and then the rest of the afternoon was spent working out some more storage solutions for our new wardrobes. This resulted in ordering some clear acrylic storage caddies for my make-up and nail varnishes...and when I found them online I also found a similar item for storing spices which also got ordered!

We were also looking for some dividers or boxes to go within drawers to better organise smaller items and initially we thought we had found some online but then we remembered good old Ikea. A quick look online and we found we could get the same type of boxes at a fraction of the price.

Luckily for us we have an Ikea very close by so after dropping Molly off at her karate lesson we headed over there to see what we could get. This was the first time out having an almost proper shopping experience since 'lockdown' as we have avoided doing anything we really haven't needed to do. But we had a lovely experience; there was no queue to get in, almost everyone was wearing masks (staff included), everyone did their best to keep to social distancing and we came away with what we wanted and a bit more. Well, you can never go to Ikea and just come away with what you went for...yes we got the storage but we also picked up a couple of mugs, some chocolate, four bags of cinnamon rolls and two bags of meatballs! And all done in perfect time to pick Molly back up from her karate lesson.

Back home it was a case of making a quick dinner so that we can spend a little time figuring out our new storage!

Take care out there...who knows what tomorrow may bring. Keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask...simples!

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