Monday, 7 September 2020

Jigsaw Complete!

Day 173...

So my Monday started kind of early as at 12.50am I finished my current jigsaw project. A 2000 piece Disney jigsaw that I think I started back in June or July. I've not really had much time to devote to it but two things had compelled me to get back on it. First Simon had found me a magnifying ring light so I was now able to carry on into the evening once the natural daylight had gone. But secondly the jigsaw was taking up a fair amount of space and in just over a weeks time we will need as much free space as we can find while our new bedroom wardrobes get fitted and we have to find somewhere else to sleep for a few nights.
Completed 2000 piece jigsaw
As is usual for our Monday mornings it was off out to fetch our 'click and collect' grocery order. Followed by the inevitable unpack, wipe everything down, wash the fruit and veggies, throw away the packaging and then put it all away.

In our attempt to create space we have earmarked items for putting on Ebay as well as a large pile of things to go to our local recycling centre and so next job today was the very glamorous 'tip run'. But it has freed up quite a bit of space in my hall.

Once back home Simon spent a couple of hours casting some prop parts for a couple of orders he had received over the weekend as well as making a bit more progress on the parts for his R2D2 build. While he did that I sorted through all the successful Ebay sales from yesterday and got them packaged up and ready to go to the post office.
Parcels ready for posting
The only slight problem was that when we arrived at the post office it was just getting ready to close as the postman was due to collect the days mail and so they would be out of action for about 15 minutes or more. So we decided rather than hang about we we would go home, have a coffee and try again later...which we did and this time we managed to get all our parcels off on their way, it's a good job our post office is only a few minutes drive away!

So we started back at pre-school last week and most of the schools around us either did the same or have started back today and already we have heard of a local school having to close because a member of staff has tested positive for Coronavirus. I would think that as schools have only just re-opened their doors that this positive case cannot be attributed to the school re-opening but is more likely a knock-on effect of somebody somewhere not following the guidelines as well as they should. I think we all know people who love to share on social media what they are getting up to and who are quite blatantly not following the guidance and I guess this is going to be the consequence of those actions. The sad thing being that because this is someone connected with a school it now means that the whole school, staff and pupils, are all having to self isolate for 14 days.

But I guess we are going to have to accept that this could be the way forward from now, and hope that as cases will inevitably rise that the number affected badly and requiring hospital treatment does not. But I guess only time will tell.

Take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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