Sunday, 6 September 2020

Ebay & Disney Quiz

Day 172...

So last night turned into a bit of a marathon session on my jigsaw, hadn't intended to but the 'I'll just put a few pieces in' turned into 'quite a lot of pieces' and although not yet done I have made a fair bit of progress but it was rather a late night!

Which meant it was a slow start to the morning with the first job being to update my grocery shop online ready for collection tomorrow. And with that out the way I had the task of setting up more items for sale via Ebay, another 13 items. Plus as the day moved on I started to see sales coming through for the items I had put online last week!

Simon has made contact with a couple of relatives who we can now send a stack of family photographs to. But the lovely thing has been making a re-connection with family members who, for one reason and another, we have not been in touch with for quite awhile. They have expressed their gratitude at being thought of and are looking forward to being able to add to their own families memories. As a result we now have excuses to go visit different parts of the country.

Mid-afternoon I took a coffee outside to soak up some sunshine and prepare for this evening's Disney Dream Girls quiz as I needed to come up with some questions. So as it was Pluto's 90th birthday I decided to produce some Pluto based questions along with a couple about the iconic attraction, as well as one of my favourites, at Walt Disney World; the Carousel of Progress.

Simon has been busy casting parts for a helmet order that he received this weekend as well as a bit more work on the 3D parts he has printed for his R2D2 build. Although at one point he did have to rebuild part of the 3D printer as a print he set off this morning decided to not print as it should, but a quick replacement of a part and we are now back up and running.

Amongst the items that we have inherited from Simon's mums house we found an old audio tape that was made when some of Simon's relatives were living in Australia which we have tracked down, by way of his Dad's diary, to 1974!. We think the tape, once it had been recorded on one side was sent out to Australia and was then returned with their recording on the other side. Thankfully we had a tape machine that Simon could hook up to his laptop to then transfer the audio. The amazing thing is that Simon has been able to 'clean up' the audio track and cannot only hear his own voice as a child (which sounds remarkably like our own son did at the same age) but he can also listen to his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his grandparents; it's all been quite emotional at times. But thank goodness for modern technology that we have been able to preserve this and, like the photos, make a digital copy that we will now be able to listen to whenever we like as well as share with other relatives so that they can hear themselves and others who are no longer with us.

The afternoon was rounded out with the now usual Sunday Dream Girls Disney quiz which was, as always, lovely to chat to people from around the world, share what we have been up to, our plans for the coming week as well as attempt to answer a few Disney questions. I think my score this week was just 4 points, but it really isn't about the points but the connections and the giggles.

Stay safe out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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