Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Wardrobes & Ebay

Day 182...

Today was day 1 of our new wardrobes being fitted so we were all up and ready for the day.

The fitter arrived just before 9am and got straight on with the job at hand and by the end of the day he had the framework for 2 of the three wardrobes up and some of the fittings in place for one of them. He reckons he will need two more days to get the job completed.

We had another butchers delivery just before 10.30am which saw me and Molly splitting 100 sausages and 4.5kg of smoked back bacon into smaller parcels. As a treat I'd ordered some of their black pudding as well as some wild boar sausage!

The rest of my day has been mainly taken up with listing more items for sale on Ebay. I had about 9 or so items all ready to be listed and then after finding some more boxes I was able to get another 8 listed this afternoon. Just a long process of photographing everything, working out the postage and figuring out what details to list. This is where the beauty of the internet comes in as I discovered a piece of pottery that I thought was relatively contemporary actually dates back to the mid 1950's!

I had a little work to deal with as well, nothing major just a few queries and a few tweaks to sort. And Molly had her usual karate this evening.

So it's been a busy and productive day but at the same time relatively quiet.

Take care out there.

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