Sunday, 13 September 2020

Sleepy Sunday

Day 179...

Today has been a pretty ordinary and quiet sort of Sunday.

The day started with my usual online grocery shop, updating it ready for collection tomorrow. Along with an online butchers order that will come later this week.

I have been watching some of my Ebay listings as a fair few finished over the course of the day which now means I have more items to package up and take to the post office.

We had a little catch-up with Molly sat outside enjoying the sunshine with a coffee. Her boyfriend has gone back home today so we were filling each other in on what we had all been up to the last couple of weeks while she had been away.

There were a couple more bags of unwanted clothes and shoes to drop off at our local hospice clothes bank as well as a courtesy stop by our other house to make sure all is well and pick up any relevant post, which there wasn't.

Another coffee outside in the sunshine to soak up some more vitamin D while I carried on reading some more of Dr Aseem Malhotra's 21 Day Immunity Plan explaining why sugar and carbohydrates are so bad for our health and how reducing or eliminating them can have profound affects to our metabolic health.

The afternoon...early evening...was rounded out with our usual Sunday Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I co-host (Disney Dream Girls). It was, as it always is, great fun and simply a pleasure to chat with like-minded individuals from around the world. Paul did an amazing job with his questions and although me and Molly only got 5 points we learnt loads of interesting Disney facts!

A quiet day before a very busy week ahead!

Stay safe out there, whatever you are up to. Keep you distance, wear a mask and take acre.

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