Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Day 181

Day 181...

Today has been a work day, and although the weather has been lovely I spent most of my day inside.

Lots of catching up on emails, organising our annual pre-school photo morning for next month (fingers crossed) and getting prepped for our AGM & Committee meeting on Thursday.

We had much discussion over our staff uniform today as we are all a little concerned about keeping warm this winter. Our building is not the warmest and having to keep doors and windows open to ensure good ventilation will not help. So we need to think about layering up and buying new bits of uniform if needed.

Once home and changed I decided to make the most of today's sunshine and top up my vitamin D while enjoying a coffee outside and catching up with my own social media and emails. It was then out to the post office to send the last of the current batch of Ebay sales on their way...now I just need to find the time to get some more items listed.

We have had all the component parts for our new wardrobes delivered today and so our bedroom is currently full of boxes ready for installation tomorrow. We have an early 8am start tomorrow and not sure just yet how many days the installation will take but all being well by the end of the week we should have our 'new bedroom'.

Our new bedroom in boxes!!
We enjoyed a short trip to the 'gym' tonight...although our gym has become a little more compact as the space has now been invaded by our old wardrobes! But we still managed to get done what we wanted.

So we are struggling to get tests now...yet we are all supposed to be out in the community going to work and going to school but should we have symptoms we can't find out if we have 'it' but just have to lock ourselves away for 14 days...just in case! Would it not have been a good idea to get a testing system working that could cope with the inevitably surge in testing once everyone did what the government told them to do and went back to work, the pub and school?! Or is that just too obvious?

Along with the new guidelines of 'no more than 6' that came in yesterday, but was preceded over the weekend with photos and video of people hosting parties or going out in large groups as 'one last blowout' before the new rules come into force. Do people not get it? Do they not think that in a couple of weeks time they could be suffering from the consequences of that 'one last blow out'? I really am quite disheartened by it all at the moment as there really feels like there is no end in sight and that the powers that be don't really seem to have much control over any of it, let alone any idea of how to deal with it!

I will carry on doing all that I can to follow the rules and reduce my risk and just hope that everyone else does the same! Stay safe out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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