Thursday, 10 September 2020

Work & Podcast

Day 176...

And today was a full day in actual work and this will be quite a short and sweet blog post!

A fairly standard sort of work day, we had a couple of new starters today but otherwise everything was as you would expect it. My day was spent dealing with emails, sorting out a uniform order, catching up with my deputy manager and beginning to organise the paperwork for three additional new starters at the end of the month.

Once home it was back out the door to take some more parcels to the post office to then get back home again and straight into recording a podcast episode with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle. We chatted with a fellow podcaster who has been able to visit Walt Disney World over the past few months since they re-opened. It was interesting to hear what it's now like with lower crowds and new regulations and how quickly that is becoming the new normal.

After recording we then had another parcel to get to the post office as Simon had received payment for a helmet he had made over the weekend for someone in Germany.

And then it was home to cook dinner, a glass of red wine and stop for the day!

Take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask

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