Friday, 18 September 2020

New Bedroom!

Day 184...

Last day of the working week for me, and a day in work as well.

Work was pretty much standard stuff; sorting emails, filing, prepping for new starters and a little bit of banking. In fact nothing very much to report.

On getting home I could hear our bedroom fitter busy vacuuming away which meant that the work was almost complete. I'd not long grabbed a coffee when I got the nod that everything was complete.

We now have three lovely new fitted wardrobes and a free standing dressing table. Although the fitter had done a fab job of cleaning everywhere it still needed another wipe down, which actually took me way longer than I thought it would. And as Simon was working late this evening we have decided that we will put everything back in the bedroom tomorrow when we have more time and can take the time to put all our stuff away in an organised manner.

The talk of today is whether or not we are entering a second peak of Coronavirus, and debate as to whether the country is about to go into some sort of mini, two week, lockdown...but whatever happens it sounds like schools will remain open and people will still be able to go to work. I suppose yet again we will have to wait and see what this government decide to do, and from when, and then see if that makes any difference or not. It can really feel like we are just flapping about without any real sense of a plan of any kind!

All we can do is try and do our bit and stay as safe as we can; so keep your distance and wear a mask.
Take care out there.

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