Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Back to School

Day 168...

And it was back to school...well

So up and out the door quite early so I could be at work for an 8.30am delivery of some uniform arrived at about 8.55am!!

First job of the day when I arrived was to fight my way through cobwebs, there were so many spiders everywhere! It was then down to business with a team meeting sat outside enjoying the sunshine to chat about the new school year starting, how things are going to work and the children that we have registered with us.

Next the team set to cleaning the room and getting all of our equipment set out ready for opening tomorrow to the children. We are what is often referred to as a 'pack away pre-school'; this basically means that as a charity we don't own our own premises we simply rent space and have to fit in with any other organisations that use the building which means that at the end of our day we have to pack ALL of our equipment away so that whoever uses the building after us has the space they need. At the moment we share the building with our local scout group and they have not yet re-opened which is a little bonus for us as that means we can set-up and leave everything out overnight ready for tomorrow.

We finished a little earlier than expected so it was home to grab a coffee with Simon sat outside before he carried on with his afternoon at work. I then had a little pre-school admin work with just a few emails to deal with and registers to print and bind.

And then it was time to jump online with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle as we recorded our podcast ready for release this weekend as well as a special edition for our Patreon supporters.

Final job for the day was to jump in the car and take another couple of parcels to the post office. The weather had been lovely this morning but now it was cold and rainy so much so that I had to put the heater on in the car. Let's hope this isn't the end of the Summer, I like the warmth and the sunshine!

So day one done and now ready to open up for children tomorrow!

To all in education take care, stay safe and wash your hands!!

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