Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Laundry and Hair

Day 189...

Today was a non-work day and the first job of the day was to get on top of the mountain of ironing that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere! And just for good measure I put on multiple loads of washing because I obviously want more ironing in the future!

Next job was to package up some more Ebay sales. I'd got a couple of awkward shapes and had to 'make' my own boxes...thankfully due to some recent deliveries we had plenty of strong cardboard and lots of bubble wrap. Once packaged it was a quick trip out to the post office and sods law by the time I got back home some more sales had been processed and now need posting!

Once home I set the coffee brewing while I measured up all the furniture that once lived in our bedroom but now presides in our garage and needs to find a new home; my intention is to try and sell it all online, fingers crossed.

With coffee in hand my next task was to assemble my new nail varnish storage system that arrived today. Lots of tiny screws, washers and bolts...all very fiddly but I only lost one washer under the cupboard - oops! Good job they sent one extra of everything.

Then it was off to the hairdressers for some 'me time'. Time to get a colour refresh and sharpen up my cut. A big thanks to Kim at Shine Hair & Beauty for looking after me so well as always.

New colour and extra short
By the time I got home it was get the dinner cooking and check my Ebay account as a couple more sales had come through! Think tomorrow it will be more packing and posting!

Now it is time to stop for the day with a glass of red and a little TV time (last episode of The Umbrella Academy to watch).

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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