Monday, 28 September 2020

Coffee in the Sun

Day 194...

Another non-working Monday today and our usual grocery click and collect pick-up. Following the new guidelines brought in last week the store colleague operating the lockers (or as we call him...Marky Mark!) was wearing a mask today for the first time which was good to see.

We seemed to get home and get everything packed away in record time today and then we jumped back in the car and headed off to our local Ikea. Molly is re-organising all her Shutter Studios stock and supplies and wanted some new desk storage boxes and filing system and had found online exactly what she needed.

Visiting Ikea was great, everyone was wearing masks and was keeping their distance as best we all could. Molly found exactly what she was after and we picked up some more storage boxes for us as well and despite the queue for the checkout being rather long it moved very quickly and was very well organised.

We then decided to stop off for a coffee and something to eat on the way home. We visited a local cafe that we had tried a couple of weeks ago; we were able to sit outside in the sunshine and maintain social distancing. All the staff wore masks, they had the new QR code to scan and as always the service and food was lovely.

After we got home it was time for another coffee, sat outside again, with both Simon and I reading our respective books; I'm making good progress through Dr Aseem Malhotra's 21 Day Immunity Plan and Simon completed in one sitting a graphic novel by tidying guru Marie Kondo called 'The Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up'.

The rest of the afternoon saw Simon working on his mouse droid project. He has 3D printed rubber tyres for the wheels and is now modifying the chassis so that the wheels will sit within it properly and not only work but look the part as well. There has been lots of filling, resin applying and then sanding going on.

Molly has been getting all her new storage organised which in turn led to an overhaul of some of her bedroom; sorting through, cleaning, hoovering and throwing things out - I think we've all been bitten by the art of Mari Kondo! I even sorted a couple of my handbags out as well!

My afternoon was taken up with grabbing more photos of things for selling on Ebay which also involved some online research before I could actually start posting them online. Molly had her usual Monday evening karate lesson which meant taxi service from mum and dad in between more mouse droid sanding and online ebay posting!

So yet again another very productive Monday, it feels like it has been a very purposeful day and a day where it actually felt like we were almost doing 'normal' stuff...long may that continue.

Take care, stay safe...keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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