Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Plans get Scuppered

Day 195...

A day in work today and a fairly standard sort of work day for me; admin bits to sort, banking to update and some online ordering to be done.

Once home I walked in to find a freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting for me and then promptly set about uploading more bits and pieces onto Ebay. I will get through this pile of stuff that I have acquired...one way or another!

Molly has had a rough day today as her plans for the weekend and next week have all just been thrown up in the air. Her boyfriends car failed its MOT today (for any non-UK readers, this is a road safety inspection that cars over 3 years old have to have each year and without a valid certificate you are not allowed to drive it). Normally if a car fails its MOT then there maybe some minor repairs needed to get it roadworthy and safe but not in this case. It was an older car anyway but the suspension at the rear has failed completely and the garage would not even let the car be driven away. So with no car and him living 170 miles away all plans are now on hold. It's such bad timing as it is his birthday weekend and they had made plans for the weekend and next week and had even booked activities to do...suffice to say Molly is one sad lady this evening. They had to miss Molly's birthday back in May because of lockdown and they were both so looking forward to being able to spend this one together.

There have been slight glimmers of hope as the day drawed on, as he has now been offered a loan of a car; so there may still be chance that he can make it this weekend and they get the chance to spend some time together but we will just have to wait and see. So not fair!!

My inbox has been pinging all evening with offers for a few of the pieces I had listed on Ebay this afternoon so I think the next few days are going to be interesting to watch and see what happens.

And that's where we leave today...I have everything crossed that Molly and her fella can get something sorted out...2020 has not been a good year...can we not just switch it off and on again to see if we get a better result?

Take care whatever you may be doing, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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