Sunday, 20 September 2020

Organising and Disney

Day 186...

A slow start to this Sunday morning and first job of the day was to complete my online grocery shop order ready for picking up tomorrow.

Molly has got the tidying bug and decided to sort through her clothes yesterday afternoon which resulted in a rather large pile of clothes that were no longer needed or wanted. This morning Simon and I helped her bag everything up which resulted in Simon taking 7 bags of clothes to our local hospice clothes bank.

And then the rest of the day was taken up with organising the rest of our 'new bedroom'. We had numerous bits and pieces that now needed to find new homes. Deciding where my make-up and jewellery could now live and having so much more space means no more squishing into corners but finding a home for everything. I even have proper shoe storage now which means that our current 'system' for storing all of our shoes will now get an overhaul and should take up way less space!

Simon has been able to tidy some of the cabling for the lights on our wardrobes which will mean dusting will be a lot easier. He was also able to fill in a few very small gaps as some of the tops of our wardrobes had to be cut to fit around the beams in our ceiling, so Simon was able to use some wood cut-offs to fill them.

As part of getting our new bedroom sorted we had to move some furniture from our hallway out of the way so that we could get things in and out of our bedroom easier and now having lived with a less cluttered hallway for over a week we have decided to remove these pieces permanently. The knock-on effect of this meant relocating some decorative 'tiki' pieces and I had the idea that these could live outside but I wasn't sure if they would survive outdoors. We looked underneath them and found labels that told us they were 'weatherproof', then I remembered that when I bought them they were garden ornaments that I decided I would use after about 4 years of living indoors they will now get used as they were intended.

The afternoon was rounded out with our usual Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I help to co-host, the Disney Dream Girls. It was lovely to see and chat with our little group of Disney nerds from around the world, find out what everyone had been up to as well as have a bit of a giggle...because getting correct answers definitely wasn't the order of the day!

So as we end one week we can only wonder and speculate what the week ahead will bring. We have possible mini-lockdowns hanging over us here in the UK and politics in the US could be heading for some turbulent times following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. 2020 sure is turning into being one hell of a year!

Whatever your week may bring please take care, follow the rules, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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