Friday, 4 September 2020

Week One is Done

Day 170...

Well, we've made it to the end of week one back at pre-school...well I say week it was actually only three days...and we only had children back in for two of those, but still week one is done - woohoo!

My day was taken up with more paperwork for our new starters, emailing out invoices to our parents, sorting out paperwork for claiming our government funding, a bit of banking and the usual emails.

It was one of my teams birthdays today and so we had, as is tradition, all clubbed together to buy her a present and she had brought in treats; a homemade raspberry cheesecake...which was lovely! I don't normally eat sweet desserts but this was what Simon and I will refer to as 'rare and appropriate' and as it was homemade it wasn't as overtly sweet as shop bought versions and I really enjoyed my little treat (thanks Sylv!).

One of our favourite books to read to the children is called 'Argh Spider', it is a lovely book with some beautifully illustrations. The last picture in the book shows a room FULL of spiders and this afternoon we discovered that pre-school was looking very similar to that last page, so much so we had to get the hoover out! Not really sure where they all came from I think it's 'just that time of year' but it did remind me of a picture Simon drew a few years ago.

This was part of Simon's 365 Mickey project which ran through 2011...I shared this picture on the Disney Dream Girls podcast family Facebook page just the other day and so I shared it again today with the girls at work as it seemed to represent very well what we were up against!

This was drawn to represent what we walked into on our return home after two weeks away!
Once home I was greeted by Simon and a coffee and the news that we have a date for our new wardrobes to be hopefully this time two weeks from now we should have a brand new bedroom (minus the flooring which we still have to sort).Just got to figure out where to put everything while the wardrobes are fitted in a house that is full of 'stuff' from our other house! Argh!!

Then I decided to get a little more admin work for pre-school completed as I still had a few invoices to send out and a few emails to write and deal with but once that was done I took an hour out to move some pieces on my jigsaw. I was only going to spend 20 minutes on it and the next thing I knew an hour had gone by - oops!

Right I have a glass of red wine with my name on it so take care out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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