Monday, 14 September 2020

A Busy Monday

 Day 180...

Well as is usual for a Monday the first job of the day was to collect our grocery shopping, get it home, unpack it, wipe it down, wash the fruit and veggies, throw away any packaging and pack it all away!

Fueled by a coffee we then embarked on the main task for the day which was to clear our bedroom of all furniture. We moved two drawer units into the living room along with the mattress from our bed (guess where we're sleeping the next few nights!) and two wardrobes were moved into the garage.

We had to move our sofa to make room for everything in the living room which was no straight forward job as our sofa has storage under the seats and the only way we could physically move it was to empty all the storage first! We discovered a number of board games, the majority of which were variations of Monopoly, and all of which belonged to Ethan. Suffice to say they are now in Ethan's room!

Once the furniture had been cleared out and the room was empty we had to remove some of the carpet. As we have not got our new flooring sorted just yet we are keeping the carpet for the short term but have removed it from the areas where our new built-in wardrobes will be going. Having removed some of the carpet we then had a trip out to our local recycling centre to get rid of said bits of carpet!

Next job of the day was to make a start on sorting out the Ebay sales that had happened yesterday and first thing this morning so it was out with the parcel and 'fragile' tape to start packaging. I think I managed about 8 or 9 before it was time to take Molly to her karate lesson.

After dropping Molly off at karate we came home via the Post Office to drop off the took longer than we would have liked as the woman in the queue before us didn't seem to know what she was doing! We then got home for Simon to quickly go up a ladder and touch up some decorating from the other week before dashing out the door again to go fetch Molly.

It was then home to cook dinner, keto chicken parmesan with fried green beans, followed by writing this blog, chatting with friends via WhatsApp and wrapping six more parcels ready for sending out tomorrow.

We have heard today that the local senior school, the one both Molly and Ethan attended, has a reported case of Coronavirus in a what happens now? Now it is so close to home it will be interesting to see the knock-on effect and how this will affect us all going forward. But like everything with this virus only time will tell and all we can do in the meantime is take as much care as we possibly can.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask!

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