Saturday, 5 September 2020

Ebay and more Ebay...

Day 171...

So here we are at the weekend and after a very slow start to the day, and having sorted some boring household chores, my mind turned to what to do today. My eyes then fell on the rather large pile of 'stuff' that I have decided to 'Ebay'.

So back to Ebay it was for me today. I picked out the next lot of items, photographed them, researched them and logged them all so that tomorrow I can put them all online and see what happens.

We have a variety of items to 'dispose' of and part of the decision making process involves a fair bit of 'googling' to see if what we have is of any significance and whether it's worth our while putting it online. At the moment I've been working my way through some of the smaller pieces but I am now getting to the point where we have lots of old glassware and dinner sets to get rid of and I am debating the best way to deal with them all. It seems such a shame to just throw them out when I am sure someone out there could make very good use of them, but that will have to be a challenge for another day.

Simon has been as equally busy again today with finally getting to the end of all the family photos that we had inherited. It did involve yet more detective work though as we had to go through our own albums to compare and marry up dates. Thankfully we had logged all our photos in order, with dates and descriptions written on the back of each one, which meant we had a definitive record of when things occurred to match all the photos together.

By late afternoon Simon had processed all of the photos - all 3156 of them. He had tracked a relative down via Facebook and is now able to send him some of the physical photos that involve his side of the family. We have piles of photos that will now get distributed to cousins and aunts as well as a box that we will keep out of the way in the loft. We have said that when we get the chance we would now like to do the same with all our photographs so that we can have them stored digitally and be able to look at them quickly and easily without having to wade through album after album.

By the end of the afternoon I was all 'ebayed' out and decided to switch my focus to my latest jigsaw, which is taking me forever to complete because I just haven't had the time to devote to hour and a half later and a little more progress has been made.

And that was our day...doesn't feel like I've done much but I know that I really have. Whatever you are up to please stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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