Thursday, 17 September 2020

Work & Wardrobes

Day 183...

Back to actual work today amid more news of another pupil at the local senior school testing positive for coronavirus causing the closure of their sixth form unit.

My day was fairly standard with sorting emails and banking and getting all the prep work done for a new starter next week.

The day at work finished off with our first parent committee meeting of the new school year. As a registered charity pre-school we follow a constitution that requires us to be managed by a committee that is made up of primarily parents. The committee is there to keep the pre-school in check, to make sure we are following all the correct rules and regulations as well as helping us to raise lots of money. Although we receive government funding and some of our parents pay fees it is not enough to keep us going and so each year we raise as much money as we can so that we can carry on at the highest of standards and provide great care and education to all the children that attend.

So this afternoon we got together to elect the committee for this year and plan our way forward with fundraising activities. We are very aware that some of our usual fundraising won't be able to take place this year as they involve lots of people coming together in a confined space! But we have ideas for celebrating Halloween by having a week devoted to all things Halloween; with fancy dress, games, treats and a creative competition. I have a contact at our local ASDA store called Jon, who is lovely and always does his best to help and support us, so I have reached out to him to see if he can provide some prizes and maybe even visit to do some socially distanced judging!

This did mean I was later home than usual and by the time I got in our bedroom fitter had left for the day but we now have all 3 wardrobes up and some of the fittings in place. Fingers crossed one more day tomorrow and we should have our new bedroom.

I jumped on the laptop once I had a coffee and typed up the minutes from our committee meeting and emailed that out to all who attended. I also sent Jon at ASDA an email to see if they can help in our endeavours to raise a few pennies. This did mean that it was just Simon and Molly who went 'down the gym' tonight as I was still typing away.

Today's little bonus was a free tub of ice-cream from the dairy that deliver my milk and eggs. During the early part of lockdown when getting eggs from my supermarket of choice was tricky to say the least I started using a local dairy that would deliver fresh milk and eggs to my door...they also happen to do some amazing ice-cream as well. So during lockdown we treated ourselves occasionally to some ice-cream but have continued to have milk and eggs delivered weekly. I am proud and happy that I can continue to support a small local business that chose to diversify during lockdown to keep their business going. As a reward this week they sent out free tubs of ice-cream to customer's spending a certain amount and I was lucky enough to be one of those customers!

Think I might stop typing now and have some of that ice-cream...just to make sure it's okay of course!

Take care out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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