Friday, 25 September 2020

More Selling

 Day 191...

Another full day at work today and an important one as it was pay day!

Lots of admin and banking today; wages to sort, bills to pay, emails to send and respond to and uniform sales to process.

And while I was at work Simon was home working and dealing with sales of furniture as the items I'd posted online yesterday had already sold.

Back home after work and it was time to deal with more queries relating to other bits of furniture online which ultimately resulted in more sales! There was also a bit more packing of Ebay sales to be done, followed by a trip to the post office.

Today feels like a bit of a blur with no time to really stop, just pinging from one thing to another. Even when we got home from the post office I had received another message from someone about one of the cupboards we are selling and by 8.30pm it had been sold and collected!

And all the news is yet again focusing on the covid numbers and how people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, how the numbers are going up once again and it feels like we are heading back to square one. Does anyone actually have any idea about this virus? Does anyone actually know what we are supposed to be doing? Because it just feels like one almighty mess again at the moment.

But like I keep saying all we can do is look after ourselves, take the necessary precautions and hope we get through it all. There are times when it all feels just too much and all I want is to be back to normal doing all the things we would normally do without having to think twice and weigh up the situation and decide whether something is worth the risk or not. But I guess that is a way off right now and all we can do is to follow the rules as best we can and carry on.

Take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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