Saturday, 1 August 2020

Day 136

Day 136...

Well I think this post might be quite short and sweet as the majority of the day was spent at our 'other house' sorting out the garden.

As we had good weather again today we made the decision to make the most of it and tackle the remainder of the garden that we had started a couple of weeks ago. We were able to move around a few plants, get rid of the ones that were overgrown and then lay membrane to keep the weeds under control.

We...okay Simon...was able to break up some concrete posts that had been cemented into the ground by the application of a sledgehammer! The garden now looks so much neater and we have now ordered some gravel to be delivered this coming week that should finish it all off and keep it all very low maintenance.

We must have spent a good four hours working on the garden and as we got in the car to go home the heavens opened, we couldn't have timed it better. Once home it was a much needed coffee and a slice of my low carb banana bread as we jumped online and ordered the aforementioned gravel to be delivered as well as a skip so that next week we can clear the house as ultimately we will be looking to rent it out.

Next job was to give the bench I've been working on this week a second coat of stain and while I did that Simon spent some time cleaning up some reclaimed wood. We have a stack of wood that used to be picnic benches that were all painted bright colours and Simon wants to make them into a wooden storage unit for our cosplay kits. He has had to dry out all the wood first and is now working through the planks to scrap all the paint off them to get them back to the bare wood and ready for assembling.

And just to round out the day I made low carb naan bread to go with chicken korma for our dinner tonight.

So all in all a very busy and productive day!

Stay safe out there, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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