Monday, 24 August 2020

Day 159

Day 159...

First job today was to take Simon's car over to the garage for it's annual service, and as we found ourselves a little ahead of schedule we popped into a local DIY store to pick up some weedkiller followed by picking up a coffee from the 'drive thru' next door.

Next it was off to collect our weekly grocery shopping which was timed just about right as our shopping was just being put into the lockers so the store colleague was able to fetch it all for us and bring it straight to the car.

Once home it was the usual routine of bringing inside all the shopping, wiping everything down, washing fruit and veggies and throwing away as much packaging as possible.

While we were doing that I had a phone call from another pre-school wanting some information about our old building. Last November we were told my our landlords (St John Ambulance) that they were selling our building and we basically had about a month to 'get out' despite our lease stating a six month notice requirement. As it was we were able to negotiate about three months which gave us the time to find and relocate to where we are now. The pre-school that phoned (although not local to me) are in exactly the same position we were in and were wanting to find out a little more about what we had been through which I was only too happy to share and hopefully be able to pass on information that they can put to good use.

The biggest part of the day was spent adding more items onto my selling page; I now have 29 items listed and bids on 10 of them so fingers crossed over the next few days we get some interest generated. I am hoping to get started on the next lot of 'things' by taking photographs and cataloging them so I can add them in mass later on.

Simon has been making his way through yet more photos and is currently documenting the 1980's! He is now getting to the point in time when we met and therefore the photographs are easier to split into those that have a memory or meaning and those that don't...hopefully this means that it will get easier and quicker to get through them all from now on.

Molly was back at karate this evening and in between playing taxi service for her I made a keto chicken curry pie as well as make a decision about which letting agent to use for our other house. I have now sent an email to hopefully get that up and running as soon as we physically can!!

So that was my day, stay safe out there, keep your distance and wear a mask!

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