Sunday, 2 August 2020

Day 137

Day 137...

Well today started off very slow after a really rubbish nights sleep. The joys of being a woman of a certain age means I am currently suffering with episodes of night sweats/hot flushes (or whatever you want to call them) which means interrupted sleep...multiple times throughout the night.

But once up and fueled by coffee and bacon my first task of the day was to update my online grocery shop ahead of pick-up day tomorrow. It was then time to get my scruffs on and paint some more of the bench that I've been working on. Today it was painting the black metal work and it is beginning to look pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Tomorrow I will be able to turn it upside down and paint all the bits I couldn't reach today.

It was then time to see Molly off on a little road trip. She is spending a week with her fella, who lives just over 3 hours away. She met him online over a year ago and this week marks their one year anniversary of actually meeting each other in person. After a lot of months apart we have been able to let her fella into our bubble and knowing how responsible Molly is we know that they are being sensible and following all the virus guidelines as closely as they can while at the same time being able to spend some time together.

So we then had the exciting job of checking the tyres on my car as it has been 'beeping' at me every time I get in to say that the tyre pressures aren't right. Turns out just one of them was slightly down in pressure so fingers crossed now that it's at the right level it stays there!

Once back home it was time to add a few more items to my grocery shop before heading back outside to paint some more metal work on the bench. We have also laid some membrane in the garden and have tried a water/bleach combination on our pathways in an attempt to clean them up a bit! Not sure whether I see any difference yet but the patio smelt lovely and clean and reminded me of the clean water smell you get when riding some of the Disney water attractions!

Simon has been busy too, working his way through the pile of reclaimed wood, removing all the old paint and then sanding the planks so that they are ready for assembly and staining. 

And we had our usual Sunday Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz...and I was rubbish this week! Although I did miss the first half because my laptop decided that my microphone would not work...rebooted it and still no joy so had to plug in the microphone that I usually use for podcast recording. But then once disconnected from the quiz my laptop microphone decided to work perfectly fine...go figure!

Another busy and productive day ahead of what should be a busy week. Simon is now on 'holiday' and while we won't be going away anywhere we are determined to use the time wisely, get on top of some jobs, have a few days out and about, hopefully hook up with an odd friend or too and I will finally be getting to visit my hairdresser!

Take care out there, whatever you may be doing, wherever you may be going...just do it safely, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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  1. Hello , I've just came across your blog and loving the content. I dread the old car malfunctions when things go wrong. Stay safe x