Sunday, 9 August 2020

Day 144

Day 144...

First job of the day was to update my online grocery shop ahead of pick-up day tomorrow.

While I was doing that Simon was making some tweaks to his R2D2 after fitting some magnetic catches last night. We took a coffee break out on the decking enjoying the bench that I had repainted last weekend before deciding what job was next.

We then had the exciting job of defrosting one of our freezers - whoop! We had a slight mishap last week when the door had been left ever so slightly open...not enough to defrost the food but enough to cause the build up of ice to melt a little. So today it was get everything out and defrost it properly which only took us about 45 minutes.

Another coffee break was followed by a walk over the fields for the first time in about a week; we just did a couple of miles in about 40 minutes to make sure we were back home in time ready for our weekly Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I co-host, the Disney Dream Girls.

We had a good giggle attempting the quiz and managed a whole 11 points and think we may have come in last place!! But to use a cliche it really isn't about the winning but about the taking part, the chatting with people from around the world and having a bit of a laugh.

The conversation has, as it does quite often, turned to Coronavirus again...what are we supposed to be doing? What are we allowed to do? How come we can go to a pub or restaurant but we aren't supposed to be hanging out with friends? If we do meet up with people where can it many of us and how close can we get? Everything feels so confusing and so open to interpretation and when you either see images of crowded beaches and pubs or you know of people who would appear to be breaking the rules it can all feel quite helpless.

I suppose it would be easy to just do whatever we want and go wherever we want with no regard for the rules and justify it by saying 'well that's what everyone else is doing'. But could we then live with ourselves if that action resulted in someone falling ill...someone we care about...someone who may be vulnerable.

We all have to take some responsibility if we want to get through all this and be able to get to a point where life gets back to something like what it used to be. So some sacrifice now should mean that we can get to that point quicker and safely...simple measures like keeping your distance, washing your hands and wearing a mask. Surely not too much to ask if we can all get back to something like normal?

I am sure there will be a documentary all about this in a year or two's time and the truth will come out. Did we go into lockdown too late? Could we have adopted a more relaxed lockdown? Did we re-open too much too quickly? What will be the long term impact on our mental health, our economy and our education systems? Could the powers that be have been better prepared? Could they have prevented all this? Was it over exaggerated or underplayed? Who knows? All we do know is at this point in time it is wrecking havoc with our lives and stopping us from doing all the things that we want and going to all the places we would like.

But all we can do...for take care, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask - please.


  1. Lovely to hear about your weekend. We are in such uncertain times at the moment, scared to be at work , scared to even walk down our roads or pop into a shop. It seems that for now masks are going to be the norm. Are you at work currently , how are you adapting to life at work?x

  2. Working in early years means that I am on Summer break at the moment...we closed for about 13 weeks and then re-opened for 5 weeks before the school year ended. I will be back at the beginning of September...waiting to see if we receive any guidance as to how we re-open again and keep everyone safe!