Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Day 153

Day 153..

Well it was back to work day today for Simon so I decided to spend this morning catching up with a little pre-school admin. Thankfully there wasn't too much to do just a few emails to respond to, ensuring the accounts for the last school year were all printed and correct, starting the accounts for this year with a little banking and then dealing with a phone call.

Simon took an early lunch break while waiting for updates on his PC to complete so we were able to get back to having our lunch time walks. But almost the moment we stepped out the door the rain started but not to be deterred we decided to plod on. As we headed out in it started to come down quite heavy and so we quickly changed our route to one less exposed, but within five minutes the rain had stopped and the sun came out. We managed just 1.8 miles in about 35 minutes and while we have been really busy and active these last few weeks it was really nice to get outside for a walk today.

Once home I found the dining table had been taken over by Molly who was taking some promotional photographs for her Shutter Studios Etsy store so as I couldn't get to my laptop I took half an hour to enjoy a coffee and complete some more of my jigsaw.

Then it was taxi time as Molly had a guitar lesson this afternoon; not her usual day or time but as her teacher is on holiday on Saturday he had moved the lesson to today. So armed with coffee, chocolate and my phone I chilled out in the car while she rocked out...unfortunately there is not enough time to go home and back to pick her up so it's easier to sit and wait.

Back home and Molly carried on with her photographing and I was just about to rescue my laptop when our new vacuum cleaner arrived so I had the exciting job of assembling it and making sure it worked.

The afternoon just seemed to disappear and before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day and our next job was to play taxi service once again for Molly as she was visiting a few of her friends, all socially distancing of course. We then had the exciting job of spending some vouchers at a local supermarket as they were due to expire tomorrow; we decided that rather than do a 'normal' shop as that would take up a good chunk of time we instead used the vouchers to re-stock our alcohol supply! Oh and buy a couple of frying pans! 

And now we are waiting for the call/text to go fetch Molly from her little get together later this evening.

Stay safe out there, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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