Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Day 160

Day 160...

And the number keeps getting bigger...I know technically we are still in some sort of 'lockdown' as not everything is back to normal but I think I may start giving these blog pieces different titles. I still want to track the days, and it has been a good way to get me to write each day which I am enjoying doing and want to continue to do. So I think going forward, while still keeping a tally of days, I might come up with something more inspiring as a title!

Well I had a rubbish nights sleep, hot sweats kept me awake for almost 2 hours, my brain wouldn't switch off when I did wake up and then cramp in both calves at the same time was not the most pleasant. And then to wake up to a very grey, and very wet day...where is our Summer?!!

Today was a pre-school work day; myself and my deputy manager met up to talk through recent staff changes, new starters in September, our approach to running our sessions, layout of pre-school and much more.

This has meant new costings are needed, lots of new and amended paperwork, amendments to contracts and a list of jobs that can now be completed. I need to update parental agreements, staff agreements, risk assessments (yes we still have to take account of COVID), produce invoices, registers, newsletters and more. So while some of these have been addressed today I will have plenty to keep me going over the next few days when I get the chance.

I have been in contact with our estate agent of choice and will be meeting them again in a couple of days time to get photographs taken with an aim to getting our 'other house' listed for rent as soon as we can!

The sale items on Ebay are ticking over nicely with a number having bids and offers already but we still have a few days to go yet so I am quite happy for the auction to run it's course at the moment. I have also done a little research into auction houses who may be able to help with clearing out furniture should we need to in the coming weeks.

Simon and Molly braved Storm Frances this evening to go to the gym...this is when you appreciate the gym being only a few steps away in the garage! I carried on with the pre-school work I was doing as I was 'in the flow' and wanted to get as much done as possible.

And that was today...wet, windy and grey but things got done! Take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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