Saturday, 22 August 2020

Day 157

Day 157...

So we took it steady first thing as we had nothing to be up and out for as Molly's usual Saturday guitar lesson was cancelled as her teacher was on holiday.

So fueled with coffee we both set about our tasks involving photographs. Mine was to start taking photographs of all the items that we want to place online to sell and Simon's was to scan old photographs so that we can retain them digitally rather than storing physical photograph albums.

Well over the course of the day I managed to take 196 photos of about 30 items ranging a glass paperweight in the shape of an apple to a canteen of cutlery. Each item had a handful of photos taken from different angles, then edited and then uploaded to my laptop and now they are ready for posting online for sale.

Simon has been working his way through family photograph albums from the 1960's through to the very early 1970's. The app he has on his phone is great at scanning them in and creating a legible digital version that we can retain but then Simon is adding details to all the digital copies and sorting into appropriate online albums. He is also saving some of the physical photographs that he will ultimately send to various family members who we hope will appreciate photographs of their loved ones that they may never have seen before. 

Although Simon has been faced with the task of trying to figure out when the photos were actually taken as although an album has approximate dates written at the front it would appear that the photos inside were not necessarily placed in any order. There has been an awful lot of detective work on Simon's part to match up events, style of photos and even outfits! He must have got through about 200 photographs today, making about 560 so far!!

So although we haven't been anywhere today and have spent most of the day attached to our phones and laptops we have actually achieved quite a lot. Ready for a chilled out evening with a glass of red wine, some chocolate and to catch-up with RuPauls Drag Race Canada!

Take care, look after yourselves, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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