Sunday, 23 August 2020

Day 158

Day 158...

So today has been taken up with more photographs and online selling.

First job for me though was to update our grocery shopping order as it's collection day tomorrow. Then I went through all the items that I had photographed yesterday and created a spreadsheet. I then worked out what packaging I had and weighed and measured everything ready for working out the postage.

I was then able to start posting the items online for sale (good old Ebay!) with all the relevant information. This did involve a little googling as I went along just to make sure I'd got the right details so I could give an accurate description of each item and then work out the correct postage. I have about 16 items posted for sale so far, 7 have had bids already and I have way more to list!!

Simon has plodded on with capturing old photographs digitally and has worked his way through the late 1960's and is now into the late 1970's and has captured just over 1000 photos! And yet again today as he has worked his way through the albums he has had to using his detective skills as a lot of the photographs have been placed in the albums in no particular order and the dates are all mixed up. So not only is Simon capturing all of them digitally he is also having to sort them all into order as he goes...there has been lots of mumbling and swearing from his end of the room!

Me and Molly took the time this evening to join in with this weeks Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz and Molly had set some of the questions today, which I think went down fairly well and were varied enough for everyone to be able to have a go. It was, as always, just nice to jump online for a bit of a chat and a giggle.

So that's my day...take care out there, stay safe, keep you distance and wear a mask.


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