Monday, 31 August 2020

And here we go again...

Day 166...

So here in the UK today is what we call a 'bank holiday' a national day 'off'...well sort of as shops and other places are actually open. But as Simon and I don't work Monday's we had kind of forgot and carried on as any normal Monday by fetching our weekly grocery shopping first thing.

A quick turnaround though as we simply collected from the lockers and store colleague Marky Mark was there to assist with a smile as always. Back home for the usual unpack, wipe everything down, wash the veggies and fruit and get rid of as much packaging as possible before putting everything away.

And then it was time to focus back on the eBay pile and photograph albums! The good thing was that a number of our items had sold and had been paid for so my day was taken with packaging, weighing, sorting postage and then taking all the parcels to the post office...twice! I think we had 18 parcels in total weighing everything from less than 100g all the way up to 2kgs!

Simon has been challenged yet again with the sorting of the photographs. Half way through a 2002/2003 album he found dates on the back of the photographs that said 1997!! He then realised that the camera must have had a new battery installed and the date had defaulted to it's original starting date and had never been updated - doh!

By the end of the day he had worked his way up to 2006 and reckons he has now processed about 2500 photos! He has become quite the detective though working out times of year, counting candles on birthday cakes, the clothes being worn, how green the trees are as well as tracing the history of my various haircuts and colours!!

Hopefully we are making headway with our respective projects but I think we still have quite a few more days of work ahead of us!

Take care out there, stay safe and wear a mask.

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