Thursday, 20 August 2020

Day 155

Day 155..

Okay so what has today been like?

Well the majority of the day has been taken up with sorting through all the 'stuff' we have acquired from our 'other house' that is too good to simply throw away and needs to find new homes. I have unpacked the majority of it to see exactly what we have and made an inventory of it all. I have then done a little 'googling' as I've gone along to see if what we have is anything of any note...most of it is quite generic but will still be worth something to someone.

When Simon broke for lunch we took another walk out through our village just managing another mile and a half and at least today it was warm and sunny.

After lunch I went down to our 'other house' to meet with an estate agent to start the process of potentially letting the property and what that all entails. I have another agent to meet tomorrow and so we shall see what they both say and then make a decision going forward. But it seems the sensible thing to do as it will generate us a small income which will be a darn site more than the interest we would get if we were to sell the property!

Back home and I carried on with more sorting of 'stuff' before taking a short break to 'go down the gym' for the first time in a couple of weeks. After the gym I finished sorting everything so that tomorrow I can begin the process of putting the first few pieces for sale online.

So although it doesn't feel like I've done much today I know that I actually have and that it puts us in a good position to getting all the 'stuff' sold and the house out on the market to rent.

Stay safe out there, take care, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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