Saturday, 15 August 2020

Day 150

Day 150...

Well we have had another busy day although after a very late night yesterday we did start the day off at a relaxed pace.

This morning we took Molly to her guitar lesson and whilst she was strumming away we decided to brave the drive thru' at the local coffee shop and treat ourselves...although as we both now drink black coffee it's not that much of a treat. But we had enough points on their reward scheme to get free coffees so that was a bonus plus it was nice to chat to the staff on duty as this is our regular Saturday morning haunt and we haven't been there since March, and as regulars most of the core staff know us pretty well!

Once home it was on with the bedroom decorating. First Simon needed to sand back the filling that he had completed yesterday so while he generated lots (and I mean lots!) of dust I decided to do some baking. I made keto golden sesame bread and then with help from Molly we made a low carb chocolate, coffee and walnut cake that is sandwiched together with fresh cream.

Once the sanding had been done we had to clean around before we could start painting. Unfortunately half way through cleaning our vacuum cleaner died on us, it has been a bit dodgy the last few times we have used it so we have conceded that it no longer wants to work for us. Thankfully we could nip down to our 'other house' and make use of the cleaner there...which actually worked way better than ours!!

Once we were dust free we could start painting the walls again. Between me and Molly we gave the original 'purple' wall another coat of 'Timeless' paint although having looked at it later this evening it will need another coat tomorrow just to finish it off. Simon was able to apply a little more filler where needed and do a little more light sanding before we agreed that we could do no more today and that we will have to wait until tomorrow to let everything dry and then finish off where needed.

So that was pretty much our 150th day since lockdown began and while lockdown has been eased quite significantly we are still treading carefully in case those case numbers start creeping up again. Over the last few days we have seen our numbers increase and we have had quarantines imposed for those returning from an ever growing list of countries so who knows where we will be again in a week or mores time. I have two weeks left of my Summer break before we re-open pre-school and I think we may have some interesting times ahead!

Take care out there, stay as safe as you can; wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask...please!

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