Thursday, 6 August 2020

Day 141

Day 141...

Another early start and the big question of the day was will the gravel finally get delivered?!!

And the simple answer is no!

So with no further updates from the gravel company we arrived at the house for about 8.30am and got on with a few smaller jobs. Filling in a few holes, dismantling photos from frames and photographing some of the items that we want to sell on.

We emailed the company first thing and received a 'holding' email saying that a customer service advisor would be in touch - no one got in touch.

The only communication we had received was an email yesterday at around 11.20am to advise that the order was about to be shipped to a local 'hub' and from there would be sent to us within the next 24 hours. So we decided to give them until 11.20am today (i.e. 24 hours later) before chasing them any further.

Simon phoned twice; first time was a recorded message telling us to email but the second time he was able to get through to customer services and be put on hold. While Simon was doing this I decided to tweet the company - which 9 hours later has not been responded to.

After 18 minutes Simon eventually spoke to someone who apologised and explained there was a 48 hour can there be a 48 hour delay when we picked the day of delivery when we ordered last week? Why hadn't the company contacted us to tell us if they knew that was the case? If the company can't honour the days booked then they shouldn't be offering customers the option to pick their day. It was a good job that we hadn't paid extra for a morning or afternoon delivery!!

We have now been told to ring them again tomorrow at 10am when they should have an update for this space!

As there was nothing more we could do we decided to head home but the 'hanging about' for 3 hours waiting for a delivery that was never going to turn up had left us both feeling deflated and lacking any enthusiasm for anything. But with a coffee inside us we decided to make the best of the rest of the day by finishing our little project of making a box/cover for our cosplay kit box.

As we had made the side panels the other day we had to assemble the front and top of the box/cover as well as cut the overhanging slats to size, add some support in the corners and through the middle and fit some castors. 
Cutting the slats to size
Fitting castors
Completed box/cover & cosplay kit you see it...
...and now you don't!
All that's left to do now is to stain and varnish it. This now means that our cosplay kit box is hidden out of sight and looks much more in keeping with the rest of our house.

I then jumped online to record this weeks episode of the Disney Dream Girls podcast with my co-host Michelle where we chatted Mary Poppins, some Disney news and then a little feature on unusual happenings in the parks.

By the time I'd finished recording Simon had been able to tidy everything away and have a little sort out in the garage as well as give the decking a second coat of stain.

So despite a slow start with a lot of hanging about for no reason we still managed to achieve a fair bit. Fingers crossed we find out what's happening with our gravel tomorrow!

Stay safe out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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