Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Day 140

Day 140...

Well it was an early start today to get up and out the house and down to our 'other house' to await the delivery of a skip and a tonne of gravel.

We started by systematically going through each room of the house deciding what we wanted to keep, what could be sold and what needed to go in the skip.

At about 1pm the skip turned up so we could start filling it...and fill it we did!
Looking very glam filling the skip!
By the end of the day we had cleared the house, made a really good start on clearing the garage and had filled the skip...
We are hoping that the remaining bits and bobs from the garage and the shed we will be able to take to our local recycling centre ourselves.

We have lots of china, glassware and ornaments that, although not worth a lot, are too good to simply throw away so I will have the task of selling them either online or to local second-hand or vintage shops.

It was at times quite emotional as we discovered diaries written by Simon's dad, drawings his dad had done as a teenager, letters between Simon's parents when they were first dating, war medals belonging to Simon's grandad, newspaper clippings, retro game magazines from when Simon had his first game published and lots more. We now have the job of deciding the best way to catalogue all of these and record them for posterity.

We also moved around furniture (as we are hoping to rent the house out as part-furnished) and Simon had the job of removing a Disney sticker from his old bedroom door...this Pluto had been there since the early 1970's!!
Pluto is no more!!!
And all throughout the day we kept waiting for our delivery of gravel...we waited and waited. By late afternoon we were both really hungry so Simon nipped home to fetch some food and coffee to keep us going. We waited some more but by 8pm tonight (having been there since 8.30am this morning) no gravel had arrived. We had had an email mid morning to say the gravel was on its way to our 'local hub' and that was it. But as delivery could be up till 7pm we had no choice but to wait...fingers crossed it will be with us tomorrow, which will mean another early start for us! Although there will be an unhappy email winging its way to the gravel supplier!

And now we are putting our feet up with a glass of well deserved red wine.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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