Friday, 14 August 2020

Day 149

Day 149..

And another very busy fact so busy that this will be a quick post as I type at 11.04pm!!

Once we were up and about our first job of the day was to head over to our local DIY store to stock up on the necessary supplies so that we could crack on with decorating our bedroom.

We needed plasterboard, paint and filler and while there we also picked up some wood so that we can make some fence repairs. We spotted some garden furniture that we liked the look of so we may be making a return journey in a couple of days time to pick that up!

We had a little treat when leaving the store as there was an ice-cream van parked up so we indulged in a '99 cone with Mr Whippy ice-cream...very nostalgic. It was shared with Molly although a couple of bites were more than enough for me!

Once home, and with a coffee inside us, we set to on filling in the holes left by yesterday's electric installation and then re-painting all the walls. We had one feature wall of a lovely dark purple but because our new wardrobes will obscure most of that wall we have decided to make that wall match the rest of the room with a neutral colour called 'Timeless'. We managed a couple of coats over the purple but I think it will need a couple more over the next few days!

Simon managed to fill in all the holes and we will now need to sand these back tomorrow ready for a little more filler before we can paint over them. So hopefully by the end of the weekend the bedroom will be all sorted and ready for when the wardrobes get installed in September. We just need to sort some new flooring out as we want to replace the carpet with a wooden floor but this will be a job once we have all the decorating completed.

We have then put the bedroom kind of back to normal...well we have just returned enough furniture so that it can function as a bedroom as we are really in need of getting to bed as we are knackered!

Going to be another busy day tomorrow as well I think!

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask!

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