Saturday, 29 August 2020

Ebay & Photos

Day 164...

Well today has literally been taken up for the majority of the day with me getting more items ready for selling and Simon scanning in more photos.

But first thing this morning to hear the sad news that actor Chadwick Boseman, of Black Panther fame, had died was awful. To pass away at just 43 from cancer is horrid but to then realise that he had not made it public and had carried on making amazing films while being so ill just stops you in your tracks. And shows once again that you should never judge anyone by the outward presentation because you will never know what they are actually going through or dealing with.

The day started out with just getting on top of a few jobs; a pile of ironing to tackle, a couple of bills to pay online, the paperwork to sort out for renting our other house and placing an order with our online butchers of choice.

And then it was head down with the 'Ebay' pile; this meant figuring out which bits and pieces I wanted to get selling next, doing a little bit of research, taking photographs and finding boxes that they will fit in ready for posting if successful. I've got about 10 'lots' to put up tomorrow ready for sale whilst also waiting to see if the items I put online this time last week have been sold or not.

Simon has been ploughing his way through more family photographs and has now made his way through to the year 2000! He reckons he has processed around 1600 in total and cannot wait to get to the end of it all!

And that has been our day, nothing very exciting, simply a day of getting jobs done that need to be done.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask

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