Thursday, 13 August 2020

Day 148

Day 148...

Well today has been another busy and productive day and although warm it was thankfully not as hot as the last few days.

After a rubbish nights sleep...a combination of a warm night and then as a woman of a certain age add in night sweats and the result was a very fragmented nights sleep.

But we were up early as we had our electrician booked in for today and we needed to remove as much as we could from our bedroom so that he could get in there and move sockets. We needed 3 new sockets that will be for the lighting in our new wardrobes, there were 3 double sockets that all needed moving so that they would be accessible once the wardrobes are installed, our main bedroom light switch had to be moved and some fancy cabling installed for our TV and internet connection - phew!

Once the electricians had arrived and started working we decided to carry on with the fence painting that we had begun yesterday. By the time we had finished late this afternoon we had painted 20 panels, on both sides, plus about 25 metres of slated fencing. We had a few spots of rain at one point that we thought was going to stop us but by the time we had put lids on the paint it had stopped.

We also cut back some more overgrown plants which meant we could reach all of the fencing that needed painting and Simon also installed a new garden light to replace one that had been damaged and no longer worked.

All the electrics were completed by the afternoon and our next job will be to fill the holes and then redecorate the room ready for the wardrobes to be installed in a few weeks time. We have a long list of supplies that we need and our first job tomorrow will be off to the local DIY store to get all the necessary bits and pieces. We currently have a dark purple wall and that needs painting back to a much lighter, creamy colour so think that may take quite a few coats of paint!

And that was our day...another non-stop day but a day that felt like a 'normal' day where Coronavirus hasn't been at the front of our thoughts.

Whatever you do, please take care, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask!

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