Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Day 146

Day 146...

Well today has been another busy day on another very hot day!

We have spent most of the day down at our 'other house' clearing out the last few bits. First we concentrated on the garden shed and although it didn't look like there was much in there by the time we had finished we had a car full of all sorts to be taken to our local recycling centre.

After the car was emptied we headed home for a coffee and a quick bite to eat before heading back down to the 'other house' and this time we tackled the garage. Oh my! So many random pieces of wood that had to be chopped down before we could load it into the car. There were also so many old tools and other random bits and pieces and before we knew it the car was full again and it was off to the recycling centre for a second time!

We then headed back to the 'other house' to load the car up once again but this time with things that we needed to bring home. We must have inherited about 30 photo albums and now need to decide what on earth we are going to do with them all. Simon has found a very handy app that will scan in photos and process them to ensure a faithful digital copy so we are going to take advantage of a free trial to see if it'll be a better solution than storing all of them physically because we simply do not have the space for them.

Once home we recharged our batteries with a coffee before tackling our own garage to have a bit of a sort through and load the car up once again ready for another trip to the local recycling centre tomorrow!

And that's where I'm going to end today - hot, sweaty, dusty and knackered! I need a shower, food and another glass of red wine!!

Take care out there, stay safe, wash your hands, keep you distance and wear a mask - simples!

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