Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Day 147

Day 147...

So we had no real plan set for today as we were supposed to be having some electric work completed which is now happening tomorrow instead, but as it was yet another very warm (okay extremely hot) day we decided to make the most of it.

First job was to have another trip to our local recycling centre as we had a car full of rubbish as a result of tidying our garage last night.

Once home we decided to give our garden fences a much needed coat of paint. We have quite a lot of fence around our garden but between me, Simon & Molly and fueled by coffee breaks we managed to paint 12 panels (both sides) and a gate...we have a further 16 to paint tomorrow along with a stretch of fence which must be about 8 metres long!! Fingers crossed that the weather is good again tomorrow so that we can get it all completed. Although I wouldn't mind if it was a few degrees cooler as it was very hot and very sweaty work today!

Simon has been getting to grips with an app called Photomyne and has managed to get one album of very old photos (talking early 1900's) scanned, processed and saved. Our aim is to work through all the albums we have inherited (around 30) and once complete we can share amongst the family and only save those physical photos that are important to us.

While Simon took Molly to her kickboxing class I jumped online with my good friend Michelle to record this weeks episode of our Disney Dream Girls podcast. We chatted to a couple, Daniel & Jaime, who are regular visitors to Disneyland Paris and have visited twice since their re-opening in July. It was really interesting to hear about their experience and how much they had enjoyed being back in the 'magic'.

To give Disneyland Paris credit it does sound like they have reopened with sensible plans in place; restrictions on numbers in the parks, social distancing markings, perspex screens, hand sanitising before entering the parks, shops, restaurants and attractions, masks are mandatory everywhere and if visitors are found without them they could run the risk of being evicted from the parks. And despite these measures Daniel & Jaime have enjoyed their time back in the parks and said it still felt like Disney. There are more character 'meet and greets', although socially distanced, and more rare characters are making appearances. There are mini parades happening and cast members are joining in with greeting guests more than they ever did before. It looks like a few more 'shows' will be up and running shortly with controlled numbers of visitors able to 'book' to go see them. All in all it really did sound like Disneyland Paris are handling the re-opening as safely as they possibly can.

So if we all want to be back doing the things we love and going the places we want then we all need to follow the rules - wash/sanitise your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask. If we all do this then we can all get back to something closer to 'normal' quicker!

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