Monday, 3 August 2020

Day 138

Day 138...

Today has been a busy day!

First job of the day was to take my car over to the garage for a service. Once we'd dropped it off we headed over to our local supermarket of choice (okay it's Asda!) to collect our weekly grocery shop. And yet again Marky Mark was there to greet us!

Back home it was unpack the shopping, wipe it all down, wash the fruit and veggies, throw away as much packaging as possible before putting it all away...and then coffee.

My next job was to finish off painting the remaining pieces of the bench I've been working on these last few days. But first I was able to help one of my older neighbours by taking in her shopping. She is currently waiting on a hip operation but is still able to get out the house, drive and complete a grocery shop...I have tried to convince her to try home delivery or at least a collect service but she is clinging on to being independent. She has only recently started living on her own as her husband is now living in a care home as a result of dementia, which is very sad but having lived through a parent suffering with dementia and the amount of strain that can put on their other half is completely the right thing to do. I have stressed to my neighbour that she must ask for help as we are only too happy to help where we can.

Well the bench is now finished...I finished off the metal work, touched up some of the wooden slats and when I turned it back the right way round I was able to touch up a couple of spots that had been scratched. I just need for it to dry out completely and then it can find a new place to live in my garden.

While I was finishing the bench Simon was busy planning the framework needed for his project to make a wooden surround that will hide our cosplay 'kit box'. He calculated the amount of wood needed, double checked it with me before we headed off to a DIY store to buy said wood plus varnish, screws, wood filler and some decking stain.

Once home it was time for coffee and cutting wood ready to make the frame that the wooden slats that Simon has cleaned up over the last few weeks will be attached to. 
Cleaned up slats all ready to go
We took a short break to go and fetch my car from the garage before we (well...Simon!) completed the job of assembling the wooden pieces.
Caution - Man at work!!
Frame end pieces made!!
The end frame pieces are now made so tomorrow the slats can be attached to make the complete frame.

The day was then rounded out with Simon jet washing the decking in the garden so that tomorrow we can stain like I said it has been a busy old day.

It was great to see that when we were out at our local DIY store that everyone was wearing face masks (although not all staff were but those that were around the store helping customers, stocking shelves etc did seem to be). At the garage, although the staff were not wearing masks, there was lots of signage asking customers to wear them and a supply of disposable ones for customers to use and all the customers I saw were wearing them. Maybe the message is starting to get through? If we want to be able to do 'normal' things again, and do them safely, then we all need to wear a mask - simples.

So whatever you are doing take care, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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