Sunday, 30 August 2020

Shopping, More Ebay, More Photos & Disney

Day 165...

So today has mainly been spent attached to my laptop. First job was to update our online grocery shopping order ready for collection tomorrow before pressing on with more items for online sale.

Simon rescued a couple of TV's from our other house as we can make use of one of them here, although I think the smaller one will probably find its way to our local recycling centre.

Molly was able to deliver some more cards that she had had produced of some of her sunset and beach photographs. This was another request that she had received from a friend so she has now ordered a selection of cards to see if she can sell some more via her Etsy store.

I had not long started posting items for sale when the Ebay site decided that it would throw a wobbly at me...repeatedly! So I decided it was time for a coffee, sat outside and away from the laptop in the hope that things would be working better after a short break.

Well only after switching the laptop off and on again did I seem to make any headway and managed to work methodically through all the items that I'd photographed yesterday and then later this afternoon I took more photos and was able to get another half a dozen items listed later this evening.

Simon has spent most of his day working his way through the family photo albums we have inherited and is now up to about the year 2002. Although there has been a lot of mumbling and swearing from his end of the room as the order in which the photos have been put into the albums has not been chronological at all! But as I type he has now managed to scan in and organise into date order 2254 photos!!

I took part in the now regular Disney Dream Girls Sunday evening Disney quiz and was quiz master for one of the rounds using questions set by Molly as she wasn't able to take part tonight as she was travelling down to her boyfriends house to spend the next couple of weeks there. The quiz was a great escape for an hour and was as lovely as always to see familiar faces and have a bit of a giggle.

So although my day has been mainly spent hunched over the laptop I have managed to sell a few items so it hasn't been a pointless exercise!

Right I am in need of red wine and dark take care out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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