Sunday, 16 August 2020

Day 151

Day 151...

So we decided that today we would try and make this the final decorating day for our bedroom.

So straight after breakfast we set on clearing the room, laying dust sheets and getting on with sanding and painting. Simon has made a fabulous job of filling in all the holes and these needed one final sand over before they could be painted. Molly and I tackled the once 'purple' wall to give that one last coat of paint and you would never know that it was once so dark!

Simon then tackled our very high ceiling by way of ladder, sitting on top of wardrobes and a telescopic paint brush...and making sure he worked his way carefully around the beams as well!!

Molly gave the radiator a coat of paint while I jumped online to order ourselves a new vacuum cleaner (as ours had died on us yesterday) as well as update our online grocery shop ready for collection tomorrow.

By about 5.30pm we had completed all the decorating, moved everything back into the bedroom and cleaned around. We have decided to use the installation of our new wardrobes in September as a catalyst for having a sort through and getting rid of all the clothes, shoes etc that we haven't worn in ages so that will be happening over the next few weeks...this does mean that I will have room for lots of lovely new things!!!

I also have a hall full of items that need selling online and I will be using the proceeds to go towards a revamp of how I store all my Disney memorabilia. So rather than it being scattered all over the place we are going to buy some new units so that it can all be displayed properly as it rightly deserves to be.

At 6pm me and Molly jumped online to join in with the weekly Disney Dream Girls Disney Quiz via Zoom. It was great fun as always, although we never seem to do amazingly well...I think we managed just 11 points this week.

We have had much discussion this evening about the current 'rules' regarding coronavirus and the apparent lack of regard for them by what can sometimes appear like the majority of people. We have commented about social media posts of groups of friends going out and about, sitting in crowded bars and pubs where it is very obvious that the group sat at a table are from more than two households. But just what are the rules at the moment? Does anyone really know? Does anyone really care? Or is it just us?

It is really hard when you think you are doing your bit by following the rules yet it feels like everyone else couldn't care less and is just out there putting themselves and therefore anyone they come into contact with at risk. But we can only get through this if everyone does their bit and follows the rules as closely as they can, at least I know that I am doing my bit and that is all I can really do.

Take care whatever you are doing and try to keep to the rules; wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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