Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Day 139

Day 139...

The plan this morning was to get outside and stain our decking as Simon had managed to get it all jet washed yesterday but the weather had other ideas. And while it rained only very lightly we decided to divert our efforts elsewhere.

So we spent the majority of the morning starting to assemble the wooden box/cover that Simon is making for our cosplay kit box to live in. We had to trim the planks to size before we could plan out how to attach the planks to the framework that we had made yesterday. Simon managed to make a template so that he could drill holes for the screws in each plank so that the screws are all spaced evenly.

It was then time for me to jump in the shower and get changed as I had a very important appointment to attend...the hairdressers! So last time I had my hair cut and coloured was way back on the 6th March when I decided to try and get back to blonde!
6th March 2020 - going blonde
So it was great to get back today and I decided that I needed to get my short hair back and maybe try a different colour...
Before photo - photo doesn't really show just how long it had gotten!

After photo - a two tone affair, and nice to get my extra short hair back
So from blonde to black with a flash of pink! A lovely couple of hours to brighten me up and in a very safe environment. Masks worn by all, limited numbers of people in the salon (in fact just me and my hairdresser), hand sanitiser, cleaning down between clients, disposable aprons/gowns, no magazines and no drinks - all very safe.

As I got home Simon had just left to go in search of more decking stain as while I was being pampered he had managed to fix his 3D printer and then decided to paint the decking but had run out of stain. So my first, and very important, job was to put a pot of coffee on ready for when he got home.

We were then able to get the rest of the deck stained in super quick time followed by a little more assembly work on our storage box project.

Another very full day and tomorrow is going to be another busy day as we are having a skip delivered to our 'other house' as well as just under a tonne of gravel!

Take care out there, stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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