Sunday, 7 November 2021

Day 599

Day 599...

So today was all about travelling home after our weekend away.

Once we had enjoyed breakfast we checked out of the hotel and headed off in search of coffee and petrol. We found a local retail park with a couple of coffee shops but had to wait for 10.30am to roll around as with it being a Sunday the shops were not yet open and the coffee shop was located inside one of the shops!

After coffee we had a little wander around some of the shops before heading off towards Molly and Dan's with a quick stop to refuel before the long journey home. We spent a little time catching up with Molly and Dan; they have managed over the last couple of days to get all Molly's bits and pieces in place and everything looks great.

It was then time for us to head off on our 190 mile journey up north, a pretty straightforward journey that took about three and a half hours with a stop for coffee and a loo break included. Thankfully the traffic was kind and the sat nav took us a slightly different route than normal but we seemed to avoid any major hold ups.

Once home we were able to catch-up with Ethan and let him know all about the weekend and chat about plans for all three of us to visit Molly and Dan sometime over the Christmas holidays.

I think I am going to have a period of adjustment to go through as although Molly has spent time down at Dan's before (she was there for the lockdown at the beginning of the year) this is now a permanent thing. And as a woman of a certain age I can feel the hormones and the emotions kicking in from time to time and I know there are going to be moments, especially over the next few days, where I am going to catch myself. Even this evening glancing at the calendar on the wall and seeing the column marked 'Molly' filled me up a little...or just setting the dining table with three places and not four...or glancing towards her bedroom and not seeing a light on or hear her chatting on the phone to Dan...emotions are going to be rather close to the surface I think!

Driving home this afternoon we were listening to some White Lies and there is a song called 'Change' which they played on Friday night and Simon had remarked how appropriate it was for the weekend. Hearing it again today got to me big time; I am going to miss Molly incredibly but I know that she is happy and that is all that matters. We will be here for her whenever she needs us and while part of me may wish she was just a little closer we will support her completely, no matter what, and love her more than words can say.

OK I'm off to have a cry now...see you tomorrow.


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